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Manager's Assessment - Hebburn Town

Manager's Assessment - Hebburn Town

Nigel Oldrini21 Apr - 10:16
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'As a manager I will always take responsibility because they are the players that I’ve signed and the players I’ve picked'

Manager Lee Attenborough gave his post-match thoughts to Chris Nelson after Saturdays defeat at Hebburn

There was a slight improvement in the second half but was that down to us or them dropping off a little bit, I’m not too sure. Listen they were the better side, there’s no doubt about it but there wasn’t a huge amount in it in terms of middle of the pitch action.

We don’t want to get hurt in our own box and Watty was the only one in there who puts his body on the line. We had the balance right across the back four about five weeks ago but personnel’s changed for one reason or another.

We had to slot Mason (Warren) in at left back because Rhys (Dolan) has gone back to Mickleover, and ever since then we’ve looked shaky and that’s the long and short of it.

We can’t address that in terms of personnel now that the deadline has gone and we were again a little bit shaky and we noticed it today with the goals we’ve shipped, so we went with a big robust side with five at the back and with four centre halves and we’ve conceded a set piece goal early on which is obviously unacceptable.

As a manager I will always take responsibility because they are the players that I’ve signed and the players I’ve picked, but its not helped with the suspensions we’ve carried.

Kev (Bastos) was missing today and Ben Rhodes, and Cadman was unavailable. With a small squad we just can’t carry that, and it’s clear that over the last couple of games we just aren’t good enough.

They are a good side; they are robust and organised, and they’ve won eleven in a row for a reason. But there’s no reason why we can’t come here and compete better than we did.

We were out of the game by half time but it’s about trying to show a bit of pride and the players showing that they want to be here next season. It’s no good trying to be good because you’ve got to be good.

We’ve probably got too many shrinking violets at the moment and it’s not easy when they are hiding some of them, and I’ve got to come out here and face the music, which I always will and never shirk it.

We’ve got to do better collectively and individually and a lot of it starts with attitude and desire and the basics of football that you never take away no matter how good you are.

For the first goal we were favourite to win a header in the box, but we don’t attack it and then we score an own goal. The second goal we don’t clear our lines and give it to them on the edge of the box, the third goal he runs through a tackle on the edge of the box and the fourth goal is an error.

It’s frustrating, but did we show enough going the other way, probably not. A couple of flashes and when we got in good wide areas, we put the ball over the bar and didn’t even make them defend it.

Yes, massively disappointed and my job now is to try and see if we can finish the season as strongly as we can. It was always going to be difficult coming here but there’s a way to lose games and today wasn’t acceptable.

For me and for you guys, and I said to the players at half time that of course I’m disappointed but don’t shirk away from the responsibility for these people who travelled again today behind the goal and supporting us.

So, it’s another apology to you guys for not serving up a decent enough performance for us to warrant your support here today.

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