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Manager's Assessment - Ossett United

Manager's Assessment - Ossett United

Nigel Oldrini11 Feb - 10:56
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'I’m obviously delighted to get the three points especially with a lot of teams not playing today'

Tom Whewell of Radio Belper Town spoke to manager Lee Attenborough after Saturday’s win over Ossett United.

It probably wasn’t vintage (today), but I think we got the job done which is the long and short of it. We’ll certainly play better than that but it’s another game where we’ve kept a clean sheet, and we know it’s tough to do that in this division.

I thought Sidik at the back, especially in the second half was brilliant and yes, it’s a good result for us because they are tough (games) you know. On paper people expect you to win the game but we’ve certainly lost games like that.

I’m obviously delighted to get the three points especially with a lot of teams not playing today it gives us that little bit of a cushion. We’ve won three on the bounce and it’s the third time we’ve done it now. We’re going into two tough away games now at Consett and Cleethorpes and we needed to make sure we went in on a high.

As I say it’s job done today. It’s a professional performance and we probably rode our luck for ten minutes after half time when they hit the post, but I still think if we’d got our final ball right, we could have scored four or five ourselves.

So, yes, all good, we have to rest now, I think. We looked a bit leggy, and we didn’t start that well and there seemed to be a bit of a hangover from last week, I don’t know why. Cadders’ goal was a bit of a worldy and once we got that I think we grew into the game and looked more confident.

We planned to bring (Ben Rhodes) on if we could get ourselves into a good position, and give him a decent amount of minutes, but we didn’t mean to give him as long as we did but within 15 minutes after half time gaps started to appear in midfield a little bit.

With James Oliver and Cadders in there, both number 10s we gambled with a little bit of an aggressive side, and I just felt that when they got on top and got their wing backs into the game a little bit more.

Mason had to go out to the right wing back which left a few gaps inside and Southy’s trying to get across, and we just got pulled about a little bit. I thought if we shoved Curt in there with a bit more legs, and Rhodesy on to right back. I thought he was good, and he was on the front foot nicked a few balls high up the pitch and set us on the attack and there were a couple of nice headers in the box as well defensively. So, I was pleased with him.

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