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Manager's Assessment - Sheffield F C

Manager's Assessment - Sheffield F C

Nigel Oldrini1 Apr - 21:11
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'I think I aged about fifteen years on the sidelines but it’s the best way to win a game late like that'

Chris Nelson of Radio Belper Town spoke to Lee Attenborough after today's win over Sheffield.

It was a difficult one (today). I think I aged about fifteen years on the sidelines but it’s the best way to win a game late like that. I was going to say with the last kick, but the referee played another five minutes, and I don’t know where he got a hundred and two from.

It is what it is, and we managed to nick it. First and foremost, I’ve got to give credit to Curt (Burrows) because obviously I’ve had Curt at three different clubs now. I’ve taken him everywhere I’ve been. Five or six years I’ve managed him.

He’s an ultra pro and does everything right. I’ve played him out of position again today, and I can play him anywhere on the pitch and he could be man of the match. It’s just the way he plays the game.

He’s got aggression, tempo, and desire. He drove us forward all the game and obviously when he came up with a big moment at the end of the game, he’s right in it.

Karl (Demidh) plays on the edge, and I don’t think the one he actually got sent off for was actually a foul as both players were pulling shirts, but that’s the way that Karl plays the game.

Equally he’s had three or four warnings for little ones, and we said at half time to keep him on the pitch because we’ve had nine red cards this season before the game and now we’ve had ten.

And as I was saying to someone before the game of those ten red cards, we’ve only put in two bad tackles and that’s not good enough and that means we’re making silly decisions and getting second yellows.

It means we’re doing stuff off the ball and kicking out and it’s going to cost us. We needed Karl back for these last three games and we’ve missed him massively and we’ve missed Kev (Bastos)

We’re going into a really tough run in now without one of our most effective players so we’re disappointed. So, the silver lining is that Kevin’s back now and before today we’d lost one game in eight so we not exactly on a bad run, but we’ve drawn too many.

It is a massive win today which means one loss in nine so if you flip it around and look at it that way, we’re on one hell of a run really. But the draws have stunted our progress a little bit and hopefully today gives us a bit of confidence.

We’ve got some good players in there and a hell of a lot of good attitudes but these last couple of weeks we’ve been scraping by point by point and we’re seeing teams catch us up. We’ve got to rest up now and really hit the run in hard.

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